Tara Stark


Tara is serving her first term with Sensational Hope as Secretary. Tara has served as the V.P. of Membership on her local school's PTA Board as well as chaired multiple large events at the school. She oversees her family business with her husband as well as maintains a busy household with three children and a granddaughter. Tara's brings positive energy and creativeness to Sensational Hope!

Meggin Finkeldei had a dream of having a not for profit organization starting in 2011. She and her husband Erich's second child, Jackson, had been born with SPD, yet no one seemed to be able to help with a diagnosis let alone resources, the correct therapy or financial assistance in paying for what therapy they could find.

After searching for a good therapy program, Meggin and Erich took Jackson to the STAR Center's intensive therapy program in Denver, Colorado and had a life changing experience for the better. It became apparent to them that they had to find a way to purchase equipment for their home. After calling countless organizations, they were repeatedly turned down since SPD is not a recognized medical condition according to DSM standards for diagnoseable conditions nor is it a terminal condition.

Frustrated, Meggin had a dream to develop Sensational Hope and be able to help many children in the future with the equipment they so desperately need as well as to increase community awareness and education about Sensory Processing Disorder. Five years in the making, her dream has come true and she is blessed on a daily basis to work with the families she encounters along this sensational journey!

Lisa McGinnis


Lisa brings many years of professional accounting experience to the Sensational Hope table. Lisa has served in the past as her local school's PTA Treasurer for two years.

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No parent or parents should experience the unfortunate, typical road of no help navigating the SPD world. We have been there and seen that unfortunately it's the child that suffers from the lack of resources and education available. We want to close that gap with Sensational Hope.

Meggin Finkeldei



We are in need of volunteers to help us with various events including helping us establish connections in the KC area and link us with fundraising opportunities.

mission & vision

To assist children in the Greater Kansas City area with the primary dysfunction of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) with the purchase of needed therapy equipment and to provide community awareness and education on SPD.

Mark Finkeldei

Vice President

Mark has been involved with nonprofit organizations for more than twenty years.  It began with his participation in the Boeing Employees Good Neighbor Fund both as a contributor and as a board member supporting agencies and local community needs.  His involvement then moved to Make-A-Wish foundation of Kansas where he served for six years, including time a Treasurer, Vice-President and President of the organization.  His passion in now focused supporting Sensational Hope in providing education to increase community awareness of Sensory Processing Disorder now that he understands the difficulties children with this disorder and/or dysfunction face on a daily basis.  He has learned this through one of his grandchildren that experienced difficulty with daily activities that most people take for granted.  He also hopes to help provide children in the Greater Kansas City area the  physical equipment they can use to help them cope with daily issues thus making for a better day for them.